Yellow PH market Place

Hotline Express. Express is a large domestic pharmacy chain. The coverage area extends to several American regions. The main activity is the sale of pharmaceutical products. Also, biologically active additives, cosmetics, medical devices and many other products are available to customers. Thanks to the creation of the site, customers were able to deliver products of interest.

Hotline Telephone
It is more convenient for many buyers to receive consultations on the hotline due to the quick response of consultants. The pharmacy chain has opened a free number available to the population of any region of the country. Calls are accepted from all cities, etc.
Due to the high workload of the main hotline, additional contact centers were opened. Each branch of the pharmacy chain has its own contacts published on Yandex maps. Users are able to find out the hours of operation, the exact address and number.

Single help desk Express.

The pharmacy network has its own website that allows you to view the catalog of goods, the location of regional branches, service rules and other reference information. You can find out the cost or characteristics of the product by visiting its page. However, some issues are unsolvable on their own, so a support service is provided.
To send an email, click the “Yellow PH market Place” button at the bottom of the page. A window opens prompting you to fill in a few lines. Enter a name, message text, contact details. Check the box next to the rules for processing personal data. Click on the “” button and wait for the specialist to respond. Usually the response is sent to the user’s mail.

Also, operators can call back.

To receive timely news and profitable offers, it is recommended to subscribe to the automatic newsletter. Enter the mailbox address next to the corresponding line. You will receive regular notifications to save and learn the latest news. You can always turn off a subscription if the client of the pharmacy chain ceases to use the services of the company.

Help through your account.

The pharmacy provides each registered user with a personal account, through which it is convenient to compile lists of goods, save delivery addresses, view previous purchases and perform many other actions. To log in, click “Login” at the top of the page and enter your credentials. The system asks for a username (E-mail address) and password (independently invented combination of characters).

Through the office you can get the help of consultants in case of questions. To write a letter, open the YellowPHmarketPlace section and describe in detail the problem found. When a response is received, a notification is displayed.

How to send a complaint or review?
If the visitor to the pharmacy is not satisfied with the quality of service, a complaint must be sent. Open the Feedback section and write a complaint. Fill out a short form containing your name, subject, contact details. It is also permissible to use the hotline to send complaints. The operator requests a similar list of customer information.
In addition to the above methods, sending complaints is implemented through social networks. However, the appeal will receive unofficial status, so the likelihood of consideration will be lower. To write a negative review, go to the section of the network page and post a comment. Attach attachments confirming the problem found.

Other communication options. Express offers customers receive assistance through social networks. Communities open for news and discounts. Each subscriber is able to send a message, which will subsequently be considered by the manager. Usually the answer comes in a couple of hours, so social networks serve as an alternative to email.

Working hours.

The Express Contact Center is available daily from 7-00 to 21-00. The schedule for a particular pharmacy varies by region. Mostly the doors of pharmacies are open from 8-00 to 22-00. The exact schedule is recommended to be specified independently using the Yandex.Maps service.