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1pharmrx.com – an effective weapon against wrinkles and other manifestations of age on the face.
1pharmrx.com is an anti-aging cream based on natural ingredients that can easily cope with various traces of age and tiredness on the face. This is an excellent treatment for aging skin. It is clinically proven that with regular use for 1-2 months, you can easily lose 10-15 years, return youth and freshness to your skin.

Decrease in collagen production occurs by 25-30 years.

This is expressed in the fact that wrinkles begin to form actively: nasolabial folds are outlined, transverse grooves appear on the forehead, and small wrinkles appear in the corners of the eyes. In addition, the complexion fades, becomes gray, and in some places begins to peel off, the oval begins to “float”, the contours lose their clarity.

The active process of aging and withering of the dermis starts.
A specially selected balanced composition of 1pharmrx.com cream allows you to get incredible results from its use. With regular use of anti-aging cream, effective rejuvenation and healing of the skin occurs. The active ingredients of the product deeply moisturize and nourish the skin, allowing it to return its smoothness, softness and elasticity. The cream starts the regenerative processes, activating the natural production of collagen, which allows you to restore collagen fibers and strengthen the skin turgor.

In addition, 1pharmrx.com removes acne and blackheads, whitens the manifestations of age and seasonal pigmentation.

1pharmrx.com is recommended for women over 30 years of age, but it is also allowed to use the cream at an earlier age in case of wrinkles and worsening skin condition.

Basic properties.
The active ingredients of 1pharmrx.com anti-aging cream have the following effects:
Strengthen the structure of the skin, stimulate the production of natural collagen; Allows you to achieve the optimal level of skin hydration;

Well nourish and soften the dermis;

Cope well with different types of wrinkles, reduce the severity of even long-formed furrows;

Lighten freckles and age spots, even out skin tone;

Reduce the rate of aging and wilting of the skin;

Effectively fight acne and acne;

Regulate oily skin;

Relieve swelling of soft tissues, remove bags under the eyes;

Increase the protective functions of the epidermis.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid – penetrates even the deepest layers of the skin, stimulates recovery processes. Effectively moisturizes the skin. It activates natural processes that restore the structure of the skin; Red palm oil – contains vitamins A and E. essential for female skin. It is an excellent moisturizer. It prevents the activation of destructive processes in cells and tissues. Relieves excessive dryness and peeling; Chicory stem cells – slows down the aging process, stimulates cell renewal. Accelerates the processes of cellular metabolism. Improves skin tone.

Smoothes wrinkles.

Provides a lifting effect;

Golden laminaria – effectively relieves puffiness. Improves complexion. Lightens age spots. It copes well with wrinkles and oily skin. Cleanses the skin from acne. Stimulates local immunity; An extract from rosemary buds – has a calming, tonic, restorative effect. Eliminates pigmentation, acne, blackheads. Smoothes wrinkles.

Aligns the oval of the face. Strengthens vascular walls, removes spider veins.

On a clean, dry skin of the face, apply the cream, and massage gently, massaging. The procedure is performed daily in the morning and evening. Duration of use – 1 month. Long-term use is allowed.

Women under 30 years old. Individual intolerance to the individual components of the product.

Wounds, deep scratches, rashes of various etiologies. Before starting use, it is recommended to consult a specialist.
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