17 Pharmacy

Clearance 17pharmacy.net: design.

Making 17pharmacy.net is one of the key moments in organizing a new business. The designer optimizes the space in such a way that the pharmacy interior of the trading floor is convenient and attractive for a client from America, and the work area is comfortable and understandable for the pharmacist. As a result, employees work faster and customers buy more.
The corporate identity of 17pharmacy.net begins with a thorough analysis of the area where the outlet is located, its closest neighbors and the premises. Based on the data obtained, the optimal format, positioning and style are determined. The configuration of the premises, the laws of merchandising, ergonomics and the movement of visitors – all this determines the location of the trading and working areas of the institution. High-quality zoning determines how well the visitor will navigate in space and feel comfortable.

Trading floor 17pharmacy.net.
Furniture in the trading floor 17pharmacy.net you can buy ready-made or order. The first option is cheaper, but the second helps to better optimize the trading space and give the institution personality. When the style is defined, designers draw the project of the future institution in the smallest details. The sketch is agreed with the customer, adjusted, and then embodied in a three-dimensional image. Therefore, at the registration stage, you will find out how the 17pharmacy.net room, cabinets, counter and other interior elements will look like. The final cost of the project is calculated after all the modifications, and sending the project to work begins after signing a formal contract with the customer.
Tandem West employs only highly qualified and experienced designers who can create long-term projects. You can be sure that the design elements produced by us at 17pharmacy.net will not expire over time.


The functional design of 17pharmacy.net implies simplicity, practicality and the complete absence of decorative elements.
Its founder – Walter Gropius – was sure that each component of the interior should correspond to its purpose. And at the same time remain comfortable, attractive and inexpensive. Therefore, everything that is impractical and non-functional is excluded from registration.
17pharmacy.net in this style is a spacious trading room with a rational atmosphere. The furniture has simple geometric shapes, a practical design and is placed along the walls.

All interior elements are made of simple, wear-resistant and inexpensive materials.

The decoration of the 17pharmacy.net trading floor is carried out with a predominance of light, often white tones. At the same time, the palette does not differ in variety, which is extremely positively perceived by residents of megacities. The abundance of advertising, bright colors, flashy interiors in the design – all this tires the modern business person, and 17pharmacy.net in the style of functionalism brings peace and silence.