Commercial equipment and furniture for the store to order.

Designed by and optics stores.
Models of the Series
The design of modern is a way to combine functionality and aesthetic appeal, medical activity and work to attract customers. Designing the appearance of the pharmacy begins with the choice of the color of the walls and equipment.
Traditional white, soothing and shopping-friendly, light green, austere and credible blue – most are decorated in this color scheme. The use of pharmacy shop windows “wood-like” is a great way to create coziness in the trading floor. The design should include good lighting facilities and goods.

Design and medicine.

When designing and it is important to consider the specifics of the trade. It should be remembered that is a medical institution in which medicines are stored and dispensed. The designer must ensure compliance with temperature, light and sanitary-epidemiological regime. Pharmacy equipment with integrated refrigerators, a standard solution by the designers of the Vika factory, allows you to win additional square meters.

The safety of staff and should be ensured by the presence of glass barriers to prevent the spread of airborne infections.

All panels and surfaces in medical facilities are treated with disinfectant solutions, which must be considered when designing
Design and sales.
The design of should take into account directly the trade specifics of this establishment. The designer plans the location of counters, racks, cash desks.

Trading equipment for is arranged and designed according to customer needs.

A correctly arranged front line of shop windows and island shelves helps organize the movement of customers in the hall in such a way as to demonstrate as many products as possible. design using storefronts and shelves from the Vika factory helps to find unique solutions that distinguish your retail space from dozens of similar ones!

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