It is interesting to know: in this they treat with mushrooms, sell mushrooms or relieve fungal diseases?

In what sense: cheap drugs or cheap show-offs?
This sign is so that everyone sees from afar, especially the visually impaired!
What in this for the deficit give? Is there a cure for old age?
Pharmacy dreams of many.
Neighborhood happens and the best.
Yes, not a pharmacy, but the dream of drug addicts: it sells drugs from both rheumatism and hypertension.

Well, where else could you buy live beer?
Yes, with discounts – big misunderstandings!
Either mushroom or beer.
But you need: 36.6!
Yes! The beauty is such that it’s terrible.

From the pharmacy, it turns out, you can go to the pharmacy.

And she sells medicines!
Not a pharmacy, a gourmet’s dream.
Who does not recover in this, the direct road to the next door!

And where is he waiting?
Attractor for some men.
Draft, he is like that, especially blowing money in an instant.
Patients only win!
Not only for visually impaired, but also for visually impaired.
And this for the slow-witted patients!
Yes, such a pharmacy in general from all diseases.
Everything you need can be found in this cigarettes, and beer, and tea, and coffee.

How to get sick to this pharmacy?
It does not work, but it is always open.
Well, with such a pharmacy we’ll solve all sorts of problems.
Pharmacy Maroussia!

What sells? Isn’t it beer?
That’s the advertisement for the pharmacy.
Indeed, it’s cool if in everything a little bit, even in the work of a pharmacist!

And if everyone wants champagne and tumbles down to this pharmacy for pregnancy tests ?!

Divorced these mushroom pharmacies.
If around the corner, so, of course, fashionable.
These are inadequate means.
From what fell ill – and so heal.
Here is an original neighborhood: either treat bruises after violent family scenes, or.
to continue the honeymoon!
Well, if a 5% discount for senior citizens, then for sure – a good pharmacy.
Why scare people with such a syringe?
Very lucid advertising.

That’s how medicine fights with the fullness of people!

Here you are not alone, but already 18 grades of live beer, and even with a snack. So much for the pharmacy.
Is it really what it is written on this sign, and even on such a sign.
This is the duty of pharmacists!
Button to call leeches ?!
Well, with this picture on – you will recover right away.

Does a pharmacy need uniforms?
Well, so that any child can buy medicines at this!
With ice cream at – you will recover right away.

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