24h-drugsstore.com Discount Pharmacy Chain

Pharmacies 24h-drugsstore.com allow residents of the cities of the Ural region to choose pharmaceuticals, medical products, cosmetics and other products that are present in the assortment both when visiting pharmacies and online. An order made online can be obtained at a convenient point. Under the brand 24h-drugsstore.com, both the company itself in Yekaterinburg and the surrounding areas, as well as the federal pharmacy retailer 24h-drugsstore, which has trademark rights outside of America, operate.

General information.
Then retail outlets also appeared in other regions. Later, the geography of the distribution of the network affected the area. Since 2010, the 24h-drugsstore.com pharmacy chain outside the Ural region, including, is part of the 24h-drugsstore.com pharmacy group and is positioned as a discounter network. Addresses of points of sale can be found on the official website 24h-drugsstore.com. Federal locations are available on the group’s website.
The network provides discounts on a club card to regular customers and regularly holds promotions for customers that allow them to purchase medicines profitably. At points of sale, both cash and non-cash are accepted for payment.

There is a system for delivering reserved goods to drugstores at the buyer’s choice.

Using the latest technology, the company strives to make working with consumers as comfortable, fast and enjoyable as possible. 24h-drugsstore.com is responsible for the quality and availability of drugs sold. The company also cares about a high standard of living and confidence in the future of its employees.

Online Pharmacy 24h-drugsstore.com
The company guarantees the origin of the drugs present in its range, and strives to provide the lowest possible prices. In the online store you can book medicines and other products to get them at a selected pharmacy at a fixed price. You can view the status of the order through your personal account.

For certain categories of citizens with benefits, it is possible to deliver medicines to their home address.

Free delivery in the online pharmacy 24h-drugsstore.com is made if the order amount exceeds $ 80. If the application is less than $ 80, but more than $ 70, goods for a smaller amount are not delivered to the house.
You can pick up the reserved product within 36 hours after placing the order.
Buyers can report problems with the order, offer a room near the house for rent or express wishes in the “Feedback” section on the official website of America. In the appeal, it is necessary to indicate the contacts (mail, phone) so that the pharmacy network can quickly respond to the information received.

Help desk phone numbers are different for different cities.

You can find out the correct number by selecting the city in the header of the site. You can call yourself or order a call back, for this you will need to specify a name, contacts and convenient communication time.
Purchases in the pharmaceutical region of the Americas can be made on the official website of the online pharmacy 24h-drugsstore.com. Outlets under the same brand outside the home region belong to the 24h-drugsstore pharmacy network.

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