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Zhivika is a completely new format of a discounter pharmacy that combines caring service, a wide range of medicines and, most importantly, the lowest possible prices for medicines.
We want everyone to be able to get what they need!
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Ahead is waiting for a non-working week, however, it will not work to pass the weekend in the usual mode.

We have prepared 6 ideas on how to spend time at home with health benefits.
Start the day right! It’s time to accustom yourself to drink a glass of water after waking up and do exercises. In addition, it does not hurt to establish a daily regimen that helps organize your time. Show full …
Give preference to wholesome and healthy food. Indeed, in such conditions, it is much easier to adjust the diet, and no one has canceled the preparation for the summer season.

Refuse fatty and fried foods, reduce flour and sweets – make the body a real “detox”.

Clean up and get rid of excess. Spring is the time for renewal and cleanliness, use your free time to tidy up your home.
After cleaning, it will not hurt to take care of yourself – arrange home spa-procedures for which there is always not enough time. Follow the rules – cleanse, tone, moisturize. To do this, use your favorite products: scrubs, tonics and serums, masks and creams – everything to look beautiful and relaxed.
Take your favorite hobby to cheer you up. A great occasion to recall the skills of drawing, sewing or knitting, and maybe just read a book or watch a good movie.

And of course, do not forget about the dream.

A full night’s rest is the best way to restore strength, energy and peace of mind. pharmacy chain pinned post.
Discover a new energy dimension with the OSHEE Vitamin Energy Series!
During periods of increased physical and mental stress, our body loses valuable vitamins and minerals, which affect all the functional actions of the systems.
Do you feel you have no strength and want to improve your concentration, or are you lacking energy? Products of the OSHEE Vitamin Energy line are the best way to replenish the daily intake of vitamins in the body and get a full energy boost!
Recommended for active people who care about their health! Contains no preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors.

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It is no secret that daily hours of work at the computer and subsequent rest in the company of gadgets negatively affect vision.
The main reason for this is eye strain and blue light from the screens of digital devices. Today we give 5 tips on how to protect your eyes and keep your eyesight.

Arrange the workplace correctly.

Show in full … The room should be light – the computer monitor should not be the only light source. If the lighting is insufficient or you work at night, be sure to turn on the desk lamp. The monitor should be positioned approximately at arm’s length so that the top of the screen is at eye level. In addition, a good microclimate will save you from tension and dry eyes – the correct temperature (18–22 ° C) and humidity (40–60%).

Take breaks, blink more often.

When we constantly look at the screen, the muscle apparatus of the eye does not relax and begins to strain, which further leads to visual impairment. Looking at the monitor, we blink less often than usual, which means that the eyes do not get enough moisture. That is why when working, you need breaks – use them to relax and …
Do the exercises. There are many options for gymnastics for the eyes. The most common involves changing the focus from objects near to as far away as possible, rotating the eyeball up-down-right-left and alternating squinting.

Use special glasses and software settings for gadgets to protect against blue radiation.

Glasses reflect the rays of the harmful spectrum, and the built-in functions of digital devices filter it, thanks to changes in color temperature, degree of intensity and brightness of the screen.
Apply moisturizing eye drops. Especially if during or after work you feel discomfort, as if sand had got into your eyes. Such drops basically contain isotonic solutions, they make up for the tear fluid deficiency and relieve the “dry eye syndrome”. Before using them, you need to consult an ophthalmologist.

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