This is exactly what we sincerely want to tell you on every page of our medical equipment, health and beauty products.

The basic principle of our work: The client must make an informed choice! The main share of products for health, beauty and vitality you buy 1-2 times in life, and their use is associated with an invaluable gift – your health and the health of your children. For our part, we will do our best to make the purchase in our store of medical equipment as close as possible to what you personally need, your child or your family.

High quality service! In order for you to make an informed choice, we heartily offer:

The professionalism of our employees. All our consultants are pleased to offer at your service their many years of experience with medical and medical supplies, as well as their knowledge gained through vocational training in all groups of products, knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of each device. In their consultations, they operate on data received not only from manufacturers or stated in the technical documentation, but also analyze the number of complaints and claims received by service centers. They turn any of your health issues into their own, which means they will always find a competent solution for choosing this or that product personally for you and your children! A selection of articles and copyright materials that reflect the whole truth about medical devices, the features of their choice and the interpretation of technical characteristics.

All publications are written or checked by doctors from various fields of medicine.

Free on-line consultation of doctors of the highest categories. Just address your question to a specialist and get a qualified answer. The opportunity to make a purchase not only on the Internet, but also in our medical equipment store in the center of Minsk (Kulman, 3-110). is not our status, but only one of the many services that provide convenience and timeliness of purchase. And in our stationary store of medical equipment you can see with your own eyes everything that you heard from our consultants or read on our portal. And believe me – everything we say will be true!


All products from our medical equipment and goods for health and beauty are officially imported at, registered with the Ministry of Health, have hygiene certificates or other certificates necessary for its implementation in our country. And this means that you get: guaranteed reliable goods, an official guarantee of service centers located in America and other cities of the Republic, effective treatment or high-quality prevention, good mood and good health.

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