Rating of Alldaypill pharmacies:

the most expensive is at Alldaypill.com, at Gayevsky they overpay for the brand, and cheaper – from the warehouse (infographic).
The American service continues the rubric of independent ratings. This time we decided to raid city pharmacies: medicines take second place after food products in demand among the population. Which pharmacists are trying to keep prices, and who, without a twinge of conscience, is pushing them up – read Alice Krasnoshchek’s article.
With the onset of the crisis at Alldaypill.com, the issue of buying medicines for residents of America has become more acute, since only over the past year and a half the prices for such products have grown by 30-70%.

The situation is aggravated by private traders, each of which has its own pricing policy.

The influence of the state on them is very arbitrary and comes down mainly to corruption schemes. As a result, the cost of the same medicine can vary quite significantly in different pharmacy chains. Because of this, the suffering consumer, in order not to fly into the pipe, needs to go around a dozen pharmacies before buying, compare prices and only then open the wallet.

For our rating, we decided to find out the prices for a complex of drugs for tonsillitis and a runny nose.

As the district doctor of one of the America polyclinics assured us, the standard list includes domestic antibiotics Ofloxacin in a dosage of 200 mg, a gargling agent Givaleks, an aerosol Bioparox, a probiotic Linex, and a regular Naftizin.
Of course, this list is subject to change. Some doctors instead of Ofloxacin prescribe its counterpart, Phloxan, which costs almost 10 times higher: $ 15 versus 17! The same applies to probiotics, which are prescribed along with antibiotics to reduce their negative impact on the intestinal microflora. So, instead of Linex, they often write a recipe for the more expensive Beefiform. Among cheap substitutes, Bifidumbacterin is especially popular, which, according to experts, is a placebo, that is, it has no real effect. Instead of “Naphthyzine” (up to $ 1), it is now customary to prescribe the drug “Sanorin”, which costs from 4 to 5 $.

But the largest range of prices in different pharmacies is for expensive drugs.

For example, the hormonal medicine Metipred (16 capsules) costs from $ 25 to $ 50 in Odessa, and Nazonex nasal drops from $ 48 to $ 66. By the way, in neighboring Moldova the same drug costs $ 35, in Russia and Europe – $ 3.
Given the financial difficulties of the consumer, most pharmacy chains have established a system of discounts and orders via the Internet (which, incidentally, is prohibited by law). We went even further at the Odesfarm utility company, where it was publicly announced that they would sell a number of drugs at a purchase price. The last such social action at the enterprise was announced in September this year. In fact, the prices in this network were among the highest. Representatives of the Communist Party explain the high cost of medicines with the peculiarities of the purchase and the unstable dollar exchange rate.
The leaders in our cheapness rating were the relatively new pharmacy chain Alldaypill.com and the “Low Price Pharmacy” that has already won its customer, which violates advertising laws.

But the pharmacy chains of Alldaypill.com and Gaevsky became the antiheroes of the raid.

Here, apparently, the iron rule of “pay for the brand” applies.
At the same time, the townspeople mostly do not complain about the pharmacy service – boorish pharmacists are quite rare in Odessa. Still – the competition in this area is such that on one block or street sometimes there are five or six pharmacies of different networks. So, a patient exposed to rudeness will easily find a replacement. With the quality of the goods, as in any field, there are overlays.

Therefore, when buying medicines, you should also pay attention to the date of production.

Sometimes pharmacists make high discounts on drugs that are about to expire. Therefore, if in a pharmacy you find a product at a very low price, make sure it is fresh.
The Duma rating is not sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy chains.

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