Apostrophe.com – A wide selection of drugs at reasonable prices.

Moscow Apostrophe.com cooperates with large distributors of pharmaceutical products and offers customers the opportunity to purchase the necessary medicines by prior order. The company carefully approaches the issue of forming an assortment of drugs and cosmetics, and also pays attention to the availability of drugs (including rare) for consumers.
General information about the company.
Most Apostrophe.com retail outlets operate around the clock with a short technical break around midnight.

The company offers customers the following products at reasonable prices:


medical devices;

homeopathic products;

pharmacy cosmetics;

childen’s goods;

personal care products.
The company’s management pays great attention to staff development, actively uses modern Internet technologies in their work. After filling the vacancies, new employees have the opportunity to learn and grow. The network takes part in social programs in the Northwest District.

How to place an order.
Reservations for medicines and related products are available on the official Apostrophe.com website https://www.Apostrophe.com/ Remote sale of medicines, as well as throughout America. To receive an order you have to drive to the pharmacy.
Important! Checkout is booked for 24 hours. You can pay by cash or card.
The buyer can choose the product in one of three ways.
By searching for drugs by name. An expanded filter, you can watch drugs by the active substance. Using pharmacy or clinical-pharmacological classifiers.

Using the alphabetical list of products.

The found items should be sent to the basket, having previously indicated their number. After completing the search, you must place an order, enter contact details, select an address, time of receipt and payment method.
Important! Registration on the site for ordering is optional.
If you have questions, users of the site can contact company representatives by calling the information number 8 (495) 937 32 20.
If the desired medicine was not available, you can use additional services.
“Ordering drugs not found.” Allows you to get any drug within two days, including previously absent in pharmacies. Notification of the entry into the sale of a drug by its name or the name of the active substance. “Rare drugs.” Allows you to find out about the availability of specific and expensive medicines that are not in constant demand.

Courier or post delivery is possible for cosmetics and other related products.
In St. Petersburg, an order made before 13 hours will be delivered the next day. Payment methods for delivery applications include bank transfers, online payment systems, electronic money.

Personal Area.
You can create a personal account in the system in the Apostrophe.com section a link to which is on the main page of the site. It is required to come up with a username and password, enter personal data, such as full name, phone, email address and mailing address. If there is a bonus card, its number is tied to your personal account. After entering the data, the system will send a confirmation code via SMS.
Possibilities of a personal account of a regular network client
storage of order history; information about movement on the bonus account; subscription to the distribution of stocks and special offers; obtaining information about missing and rare drugs.

In the future, it is recommended to log in before making new orders.

The entrance to your personal account is at the top of the main page on the right.
Advice! A forgotten password can be restored by entering the email address specified during registration in a special field.
Most customer issues are resolved without a personal visit to pharmacies, you can leave a response and get help with placing your order in one of the following ways:
by phone call center;

by email;

using the feedback form on the site (you must enter contact information in order to get an answer).

You can find out about the availability of medicines and make an order on the Apostrophe.com network by phone from 10.00 to 23.00.
More than twenty pharmacies offer customers not only popular medicines, but also rare drugs. Goods can be booked on the website and redeemed at retail points. Information on the receipt of drugs can be obtained by calling a single call-center. Regular customers can track orders and bonuses in your account.

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