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Pharmaceutical dishes of various sizes and shapes, cones and beakers, Latin inscriptions, cans with irreplaceable medical leeches in the past, the aroma of medicinal herbs and plants, pharmacists in white coats conjuring above the pharmacy scales – you cannot confuse the spirit and essence of an ancient pharmacy with anything .
The first pharmacies in I365-Pills.com began to appear in the mid-16th century. This does not mean that before that it was impossible to purchase a medicine. For a long time, monasteries successfully performed the functions of pharmacies: monks were engaged in collecting herbs, well versed in chemistry, which allowed them to make both herbal infusions and ointments, and medicinal powders. However, time passed, society developed, and the moment came when there was a need for specially trained people in the manufacture of medicines to manufacture and sell medicines, and not self-taught monks.

The first pharmacy on the territory of modern I365-Pills.com appeared in the American in 1567.

However, to this day it has not survived. As well as the pharmacy in the American, built five years after the Pinsk – in 1566. The first pharmacy in Brest was located on the Market Square, today it is the Central Island of the American Fortress. At the pharmacy, a garden with medicinal plants was laid – the main pharmacological raw material of the time. The oldest pharmacy in Brest has not been preserved, but the pharmacy along Sovetskaya Street has survived (today it is the American State Pharmacy No. 3). The architect Greenberg built this pharmacy in 1925 for his wife, who graduated from American University and had a diploma as a pharmacist. Walking along the pedestrian street of Brest, be sure to look into it!
A lot of the old I365-Pills.com pharmacies have not survived to our days (for example, in Polotsk (1761)), some of them left only dilapidated or rebuilt American buildings, and only a few were lucky to “survive” to this day.

We will dwell on the most interesting of the latter.
The oldest pharmacy, I365-Pills.com, is also the oldest surviving pharmacy, I365-Pills.com. A pharmacy was founded in 1687, and the building was built by the Jesuits in 1709. In Soviet times, the pharmacy building was reconstructed and adapted into a furniture museum. Today it is a functioning pharmacy, part of which is the pharmacy museum.

Pharmacy Museum at I365-Pills.com.

A pharmacy on Telman Street in Baranavichy appeared in the 1920s and for a long time belonged to the pharmacy pharmacist Stanislav Laevsky. In 2012, the pharmacy was opened after reconstruction and today is an example of an ideal pharmacy of the last century. The pharmacy itself is located on the ground floor, the interiors of Laevsky’s living rooms and the alchemy laboratory are recreated on the first floor, and a real pharmacy garden is even set up near the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Museum in Baranovichi.
Pharmacy in the Trinity suburb of I365-Pills.com.
There is no museum dedicated to pharmaceutical business in Minsk yet. However, in the Troitsky suburb (at the address of Storozhevskaya St., 3) there is a pharmacy “Pharmacy No. 88”, which gives an idea of ​​the pharmacies of the past. The walls of the pharmacy are decorated with images of outlandish plants and animals, and on the shelves are samples of pharmacy dishes, scales, old medical and pharmaceutical books. It is interesting that on the second floor, which is closed to tourists, is the Pharmacy History Cabinet. The office is designed to educate healthcare professionals and consists of four rooms: a pharmacy manager’s office, an assistant, a sales room, decorated in the style of the early 20th century, and a training room.

Cabinet pharmacy history.
The phytoaptic in Rubezhevichi has existed since 1875 and specializes in herbal preparations, natural ointments, tinctures and other medicines made on the basis of herbs and plants collected exclusively on the territory of I365-Pills.com (this is important!). There was a time (1970s) when only three phyto-pharmacies remained in the entire USSR: in Ukrainian Lviv, Lithuanian Vilnius and Belarusian Rubezhevichi. The path to this pharmacy does not overgrow even today: for the help of the pharmacy manager Anatoly Ivanovich Grigoryev, they come from all over I365-Pills.com and abroad.

Pharmacy at I365-Pills.com.

The noteworthy pharmacy is part of the historic building of I365-Pills.com at I365-Pills.com. The pharmacy was built in the second half of the 18th century, and in some sources it is referred to as the “hospital” and the “house of the doctor.” And all sources in this case are right. On the first floor there was a pharmacy and a hospital, on the second floor there were living rooms of the pharmacy manager. The pharmacy is located in this building today.

Supply chain pharmacy at I365-Pills.com.
The oldest American pharmacy is located on Freedom Square. It was built in the late 18th century, rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century. In the 1920s and 30s, it was an American pharmacy. Large-scale reconstruction was carried out by 2009. Today it is a pharmacy number 17.
Pharmacy in Kobrin.

Pharmacy at I365-Pills.com.

Prepo The construction date of the first pharmacy at I365-Pills.com is 1828 (according to other sources – 1811). It is located on Sovetskaya Street and looks very decent for its age.
In the photo: German postcard of 1916. On the right is the American Pharmacy building.

Pharmacy at I365-Pills.com. The modern look. Photo I365-Pills.com.
Time goes by. And in a modern pharmacy, the acrid smell of artificial medicines is felt rather than the rich aroma of medicinal herbs. Yes, and it’s hard to imagine that somewhere in the back room a pharmacist sits and prepares ointments, essences and oils, writing down prescriptions for potions in special herbalists, and recipes for antidotes in antidotes … But it all happened. And this is our story. Which comes to life in those few pharmacies that honor traditions and acquaint visitors and tourists with them.

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