How much health costs: matches its name, and most of all – in the network “Your Meds Store”
Having dealt with prices in food chains in Odessa, “Your Meds Store” decided to take up the pharmaceutical market. Our correspondent found out which pharmacy chains in the city offer adequate prices for medicines, and which, without undue modesty, sell the same product at a much higher cost. In general, read us and take care of your wallet.
“Night, street, lantern, pharmacy, meaningless and dim light. Live for at least a quarter of a century – everything will be so, ”said Alexander Blok and was almost right.

For modern Odessa, “pharmacy” would have been more accurate.

Today, our city is served by as many as 803 such outlets – one for about 1,200 people. Due to such brutal competition in order to keep the buyer, pharmacy chains have to be sophisticated in marketing. At the same time, many are trying to attract consumers with anything but low prices.
For our rating, we selected the most popular and advertised drugs, which, in theory, should alleviate the suffering of headache, SARS, sore throat, indigestion and, of course, stressful conditions.

In the network such a set was the most affordable.

The convenience of this network also lies in the fact that an order can be made on the Internet, and then pick up medications without waiting in line.
Some pharmacy chains have gone further and now offer to order medicines not only on the website, but also on Viber and Facebook. So, for example, you can do it at pharmacy.
In addition, some networks have launched mobile applications. In particular, “Annushka Hels” retail chain, an entrepreneur of Indian origin Goel Anuj, resorted to such an innovation.

In addition to buying medicines, using the application you can set a schedule for admission and even make an appointment with a doctor.

The same application was launched on the “Your Meds Store” Social Network of Health, which has become our antid leader in the cost of medicines. The main advantage of these pharmacies is round-the-clock work. Recently, a new option has appeared – a pharmacy drive for motorists, working as a similar service The buyer does not even need to get out of the car – the pharmacist will take the medicine to him. Of the pleasant “goodies” – a free measurement of blood pressure, as well as skin diagnostics when buying cosmetics worth more than $ 5. In a word, PR managers of this network go out of their way to distract the attention of buyers from high prices.

At the same time, you should be on the alert with the pharmacists themselves.

Sometimes, instead of the necessary medicine, the pharmacist begins to offer more expensive analogues, arguing that this drug is “more refined” and effective. The choice, of course, is yours, but often the composition of the drugs can be absolutely identical, and the cost differs several times.
For reference: several dozen Odessa pharmacies, including the communal Odesfarm,, Bazhae Zdorovya, Farmacia, Your Meds Store (these two, together with the pharmacy Ot Warehouse, belong to the bank shareholder “Pіvdenny” to Yuri Rodin), “Good Day Pharmacy” and others participate in the state reimbursement program, which provides for the return of the cost of medicines. In any of these pharmacies, you can get a prescription drug from a list approved by the Ministry of Health of America.

The medicine is given out for free, or with a partial surcharge, but exclusively by prescription.
Note that is not sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy chains.
Prepared by Nadezhda Markevich, infographic by Igor Zhevedya.

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