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High competition in the capital’s pharmaceutical retail market is forcing the owners of retail space to pay more and more attention to the design of pharmacies. Often, it is the design of that builds customer confidence, a desire to stop by, buy something for your health or the health of your children and relatives. The layout of the sales area, the principles of the display of goods, lighting, the design of shop windows and checkout areas form not only the brand image, but also special trusting conditions for the buyer.

Principles and design features of

In addition to the purely technical and administrative requirements and design standards of pharmacies, there is an additional category of conscious or unconscious requirements put forward by customers for the design of pharmacies. Let’s start with the basic industry requirements for pharmacy design.

Queue management and service.

The possibility of creating a sufficient number of cash desks and optimal conditions for quick customer service, avoiding queues is one of the first tasks for the owner of After all, every customer who meets the line is a potential candidate for leaving competitors with fewer lines and a more confidential atmosphere.

In addition to the safe placement of goods and lockable shop-windows, the round-the-clock should provide for the possibility of organizing trade at night. As a rule, this is about creating a special window, which, according to the good USA tradition, is located very far from the cash desk, and the pharmacist has to spend on average 5 to 12 minutes to service only one client, taking out medications, knocking out a check and bringing change.

Compliance with storage conditions of drugs.

The selection of commercial equipment that allows you to optimally organize the space in the sales area, utility rooms and warehouses, as well as store products according to requirements and standards, is also one of the priorities in the design development of
The opportunity to choose. The modern buyer is used to choosing with his eyes. He wants to see and often be able to pick up, get acquainted with the drug, read the instructions and indications. That is why many metropolitan have long switched to the layout format of a number of general-purpose drugs (vitamins, food additives, over-the-counter drugs and cosmetics) according to the principle of a supermarket when the buyer chooses what he needs.

And only on issues of potent or prescription drugs does he contact a pharmacist.

Confidentiality One of the serious problems that offline pharmacies have not yet been able to completely overcome is the issue of confidentiality and psychological discomfort of the buyer when choosing a number of drugs for specific prescriptions. The customer’s discomfort is especially aggravated by a large queue and poor audibility in cases where a pharmacist or pharmacist is not behind a classic open counter, but behind glass with a small window for receiving money and issuing an order.

Where to order the design of
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