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Erogan – drops for potency. Natural assistant in eliminating sexual dysfunction.
Erogan is a natural preparation, produced in the form of drops, the main action of which is aimed at strengthening men’s health and increasing potency. The tool affects all the causes of decreased sexual activity, allowing you to get rid of the physiological and psychological factors of negative effects on potency in men. The product was repeatedly subjected to laboratory tests, as a result of which it was proved that the drops are absolutely safe for the general condition of the male body and are most effective in combating the decrease in sexual desire.

The development of erectile dysfunction in recent years has been observed in fairly young and able-bodied men.

The reasons for this negative trend are: environmental degradation, frequent stress, poor nutrition, bad habits, infectious diseases, insufficient sleep and rest, illegibility in sexual intercourse, etc. The genitourinary system in men is a “weak point”, therefore it suffers more often Total. It is not necessary to perceive the violation of sexual functions as a tragedy, quite often this problem is solved quickly, it is enough to choose the “assistant” correctly.
Erogan is that effective and safe assistant that is able to quickly correct the situation – to get rid of violations of the reproductive system and strengthen male strength.

Its active components improve blood flow, eliminate congestion, normalize the transmission of nerve impulses.

The effectiveness of the drug will be noticeable after the first dose, but this is not a signal to discontinue therapy. To get the maximum result, you must complete the full course of admission. The product is also useful for preventive purposes for men of different ages: those who are overweight, who have recently undergone infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, who use potent drugs, who suffer from frequent mental stress, etc.

Basic properties.
Regular intake of drops for potency Erogan allows you to:
Increase the synthesis of sex hormones; Activate blood circulation in the pelvic area and improve blood supply to the penis; Stimulate sex drive; Eliminate problems with erection and ejaculation; Take control of the duration of sexual intercourse; Increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones, which will enhance sensations during intimacy;

Get a powerful and lasting orgasm;

Eliminate fear, anxiety and anxiety before intimacy;

Relax and relax; Strengthen the protective functions of the body, increase vitality.

Euricoma root is a powerful aphrodisiac that maintains a high level of potency. Stimulates testosterone production. Tones and strengthens the male body. This component is effective for men of different age groups; Goryanka, large-flowered – natural Viagra. This grass is able to increase the duration of intimate contact. Increase the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the penis. Strengthen erection and eliminate problems with premature ejaculation; Muira-puama bark – enhances sexual desire. It is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It has pronounced tonic and antidepressant properties;

Sarsaparilla fruit – has long been used to treat sexually transmitted diseases.

It has a positive effect on hormonal synthesis. It cleanses the blood. Improves the functions of the male reproductive system, increases the production and qualitative characteristics of sperm. Stimulates sexual activity. Helps with infertility, ejaculation disorders, chronic prostatitis and prostate adenoma; Damiana leaves – enhances blood flow to the genitals, strengthens an erection. Reduces feelings of anxiety and anxiety. Stimulates the production of testosterone; Yohimbe bark is a powerful natural stimulator of potency. Stimulates blood circulation. Provides persistent erection. Eliminates ejaculation problems. Increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

Take the drug 2 times a day – morning and evening. Drops are diluted in water and taken regardless of food intake. Duration of admission is 30 days. For preventive purposes, drops for potency are taken within 10 days.

Individual intolerance to product components.

Chronic pathology of the cardiovascular system. Before starting the reception, a specialist consultation is recommended.
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