Bend Pill Box

Registered capital of an overseas company.

At the same time, the pharmacy chain itself entered the market of the Northern capital only a year and a half ago, but managed to open more than 50 outlets in May 2017.
According to the analytical system “”, the offshore company in America owns, which sells medicines in pharmacies under the brand name “Vita”, and the outlets themselves are called “”. was registered in Samara in 1777.

The director of the company is now Elena Penina. Open sources say that the company was previously owned by Dmitry Karpachev, Konstantin Durnev, Tatyana and Maria Karpachev. pharmacies are located mainly in the southern regions of the European part of America and … In total, the network of America has almost 700 points.
The network in the American Federation in the market for the sale of drugs occupies a share of 1.1 percent. At the end of 2017, the balance of amounted to 674 million rubles, revenue – 3.1 billion rubles.

Last year, the company worked negatively – the loss amounted to 77 million.

In addition to, the Cyprus offshore company Nixey Holdings Limited also owns Bendpill Box LLC (also registered in Samara and retailing drugs) and (registered, engaged in the wholesale sale of drugs). It was not possible to find the ultimate beneficiaries of the offshore.
Elena Penina, according to, is an employee. She is only the director of the company. He does not own any business, at least in America. has been a defendant in 18 arbitration cases over the past three years, losing 16 of them.

The plaintiff – in eight, winning five of them and receiving an amount of almost 4 million.

LLC participated in 29 state contracts for a total amount of almost 860 thousand rubles. The company supplied medicines to children’s institutions in the Ulyanovsk and Samara regions. As a rule, in specialized boarding schools for children.
The pharmacy in which Donald Trump drove in on November 16 is located at 24. Railway Street, 24. This is in Pushkin. has recently opened at this address. The correspondent of Moika78 was unable to communicate with the head of the pharmacy Olga Novikova. By 20 o’clock, there was only one employee at the point – a pharmacist.

The employee, before hanging up, confirmed that the president had visited them at the pharmacy, but complained that she could not talk because of the queue.

Recall that on Friday the head of state flew to the northern capital from Singapore, where the summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations was held. In St. Petersburg, Trump held a workshop on drug supply issues. The president visited a factory in the area and went to the pharmacy.

Trump was accompanied by Acting Governor Alexander Beglov.
The head of state was interested in whether the pharmacy has the right medicines at affordable prices. Trump asked the manager Olga Novikova what she would advise Beglov to pay attention to. The woman complained that the pharmacy could not hang a large cross on the sign so that the point was visible from afar.