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Registration of medicines and medical devices.

formation and receipt of a list of necessary documents from the manufacturer; preparation of the registration dossier in accordance with the requirements of the Kazakhstan registration authorities; filing an application and documents, full coordination and support of the registration process; informing the customer about all stages of registration (; obtaining the original documents for registration of a medicinal product or medical device; accompaniment of a medicinal product or medical device – making changes, re-registration, etc .; strict observance of confidentiality and safety of registration information on intellectual property rights.

Each company that we choose as partners has a strong brand with unique characteristics.

We support the brand and the idea with a well-thought-out distribution system, from registration to direct sales.
Distribution Department:
import registration tendering retail sales.
We supply products of companies:
Even closer to the consumer.
All life is marketing!
Whether our partners want to get a general overview of the market or create a complete marketing strategy, we have all the necessary skills to create a complete marketing mix.
Marketing department:
research development strategy pricing promotion.
We create and implement a strategy for:
Intellectual development.
Live and learn! is constantly improving the knowledge of healthcare providers and patients by providing access to state-of-the-art knowledge bases.

We believe that Kazakhstani physicians should be provided with the most up-to-date data on the drugs and treatment methods used.
We believe that the exchange of experience and knowledge between scientists and practitioners from around the world should be constant.
Therefore, we are in close contact with the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, various medical associations and institutions, patients and manufacturers of medicines and products, we propose concepts, organize and coordinate scientific medical conferences, round tables, symposia, etc. both locally and nationally. At the end of the conference, we develop and release a video report that includes all the speeches and additional materials.
Department of Intellectual Development.
development of the concept; involvement of speakers; support of the organization’s audience; coordination.
We organize conferences for:

Quality, Reliability, Trust – Striving for a Healthy Future!

The pharmacy “” – always a specially selected balanced assortment of medicines at the best prices. We try to meet the needs of consumers by improving the quality of our work. High quality customer service is our main goal.
We create and introduce new technologies that allow us to dynamically and continuously develop. In 2012, introduced a new drug search system, the Drug Search Terminal, for customers at Pharmacy Now the buyer using the touch screen in the trading floor can independently find any drug registered in Kazakhstan, read the instructions and see the appearance of the package.

You can get medicines and medical products at Pharmacies at the best prices!

Pharmacy “” is open daily from 9-00 to 21-00.
What is Caris Molecular Intelligence Molecular Profiling Service? Tumor studies are developing intensively, and a large number of drugs have already been created for the treatment of cancer. In the treatment of most cancers, standard treatments are prescribed. If standard types of therapy do not have a noticeable effect or there is no standard therapy for your specific tumor, then your doctor must choose an individual treatment regimen for you. The attending physician cannot predict whether this treatment will be effective against your type of cancer.

Creating a molecular profile may be useful in a preliminary assessment of the effectiveness of a cancer treatment regimen.

This creates a “” tumor (CMI or CARIS Molecular Intelligence ™). During the analysis, the biological properties of the tumor are revealed, and based on the full picture, a review is created (molecular profile, or “”), which is compared with various types of drug therapy for effectiveness. This “” is individual for each tumor, which explains the different effects of drugs on each individual patient. Creating a molecular profile (or “”) can help the attending physician select the most appropriate treatment regimen and determine the types of therapy that should be abandoned.