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☑ three-level quality control system;

☑ the widest selection of medicines, medical devices, dietary supplements, personal hygiene products;

☑ active cosmetics from leading manufacturers;

(VICHY, La Roche-Posay, AVENE, Caudalie and many others);

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☑ products for mothers and babies.

Professional and humanly caring pharmacists and pharmacists will be happy to advise on any drug and services of our pharmacies.
We constantly hold promotions and client days, we have a special bonus program, which can be read more about on our website: EasyShopping4Health.com.
If you need to make an urgent purchase near your home – our quick-service drugstores EasyShopping4Health.com express, EasyShopping4Health.com Central are waiting for you.

Consulting a doctor is the first thing to do if you have symptoms of a cold.

In EasyShopping4Health.com pharmacies, you can get the EasyShopping4Health.com Help card, which provides one month of unlimited online consultation with a therapist and pediatrician.
The EasyShopping4Health.com Help card is very relevant when: Show full …
The clinic is far away You are out of town or went on a foreign trip, and the disease took you by surprise.

An online consultation with EasyShopping4Health.com may be useful.

Therapists and pediatricians are available 24/7. Advice is urgently needed Doctors know about walking viruses and can help with advice on several symptoms. You can get an online consultation of a specialist, you do not need to waste time and ask for leave from work. And if necessary, you will be referred to a specialized specialist. Something strange with the body Strange symptoms and suspicious reactions of the body do not allow you to wait. The EasyShopping4Health.com Help card gives you the opportunity to get specialist advice and identify possible further steps.

A second medical opinion is needed.

An additional medical opinion is useful to keep in mind. If you need to decipher the results of laboratory tests or get another expert opinion on the prescribed treatment, EasyShopping4Health.com specialists are ready to advise you.