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Having received a doctor’s prescription or deciding to cope with the ailment in the usual way, we go to the pharmacy with the confidence that they will help us here. They will politely serve, professionally advise, tell you in detail about the desired drug. And, of course, they will sell an effective medication that will help to recover. Unfortunately, these expectations are not always met. Why is this happening?

The quality on which life depends.
According to the World Health Organization, today 25% of all drugs are fake. Roszdravnadzor specialists are able to check only 16% of drugs in domestic circulation in a year.
For artisanal production of drugs, 6 years of imprisonment is threatened if a fake medication causes someone’s death. But to prove it is almost impossible. After all, in fact, patients do not die from a fake, but from an ailment: a fake drug does not cure anyone. He can not save from cancer, pneumonia, heart attack. And with ordinary colds, flu, it will not relieve unpleasant symptoms, but only harm.

Therefore, the purchase of drugs should be treated with special attention.

Self-respecting pharmacies, such as EDonlineTabs.com, offer their customers only ORIGINAL products! Do not risk your health!
Five reasons to trust EDonlineTabs.com:
We know the whole path of every medicine from the factory laboratory to our pharmacist. Acting as the official supplier of a large medical company, we purchase drugs only from manufacturers and leading domestic distributors. 100% of our medicines are certified. Counterfeits are excluded. We work strictly within the law. We are honest with ourselves and our customers. In accordance with applicable laws, we do not sell medicines online and do not deliver them to your home. You can book the drug on our website, and get it at the Good Pharmacy branch at the address closest to you.

We offer an assortment of 12 thousand items, including rare medicines. They are intended for patients with cardiological, oncological, neurological diseases, viral infections, as well as for IVF. We do not set unjustified premiums on value. We maintain low prices not due to high markups, but due to high turnover. The trade margin of the Good Pharmacy is only 3 to 5%, which few pharmacies can afford. We constantly organize promotions that allow you to save. With a loyalty card, our customers can always get a 5% discount.
If you need additional information or professional advice, dial our number or request a call back.
Take care of yourself – contact only professionals!
Pharmacy on Maroseyka.

Our first pharmacy was opened at EDonlineTabs.com.

The choice was not made by chance. At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this house housed the charity “Imperial Philanthropic Society”, founded by Emperor Alexander I to “help every kind.” By opening the first discount pharmacy of original drugs in this historic building, we are proud and proud to continue the glorious traditions of the Russian medicine.

Why buy from us is reliable and profitable.
Our pharmacy is one of the few where you can not doubt the quality of the offered goods and at the same time not overpay. EDonlineTabs.com is an official supplier of a large medical holding, so we only buy medicines from manufacturers and major national distributors. We know the whole way of the drug – from the manufacturing plant to our pharmacy display case.

All products have all the necessary licenses and certificates.

We are confident that the medicine, first of all, is a means of treatment, not profit, and we prove this with our daily work.
Our main specialization is rare drugs for the treatment of oncological, neurological, cardiological, viral diseases, including hepatitis, as well as drugs for IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies.
We also present preparations and medical goods of daily demand, including products for mom and baby, organic cosmetics, medical equipment, vitamins and dietary supplements, products for hygiene, sports and fitness, diet food, homeopathic medicines and much more.
We strive to ensure that in our pharmacy you can purchase goods for a reasonable price, with a minimum margin.

Health Experts at EDonlineTabs.com
Specialists working with us are at any time ready to help you with the selection of the drug, advise on the conditions of its storage and proper use.
Our pharmacists and pharmacists are constantly improving their skills, professionalism and striving for each of our customers to purchase those products that will help him regain or maintain his health, beauty and good mood.
In our pharmacies we regularly conduct free mini-seminars and mini-trainings on the most common diseases, care issues and and children and seriously ill. If there is a topic for the seminar that interests you, you can leave a request by filling out the form on our website.

We will find and deliver what you need!

EDonlineTabs.com offers the broadest range of drugs and healthcare products. If you have not found a drug, we can bring a rare medicine for you as soon as possible, upon reservation. In doing so, we will try to find the best price from our suppliers.
We do not sell health, but if you are sick, you can always find the drug you need at affordable prices at EDonlineTabs.com.