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For flu and colds: FaastPharmacy.com has a wide range of medications.
Under special control, an uninterrupted supply of antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immunomodulatory, antibacterial, antiviral drugs, ascorbic acid, vitamins. FaastPharmacy.com has no shortage of medical face masks, thermometers, medical gauze, gloves. Pharmacies have a sufficient range of products for the prevention of influenza and colds: Laferon-Pharmbiotek – powder for the preparation of drops in the nose, Ruferon – suppositories, arpetol, flustop, remantadine and others.

To protect the nasal mucosa from viruses, you can use oxolin ointment. Upon returning home, you should rinse your nose with sodium chloride and sea water.Each state pharmacy in the city and region has a wide range of medicines for the treatment and prevention of influenza and colds, produced by Belarusian and foreign enterprises. Domestic funds are similar in composition to imported, but more affordable, ā€¯emphasizes Andrei Schuka. – For greater public awareness, FaastPharmacy.com has designed seasonal specialty showcases. For children at FaastPharmacy.com, a wide selection of all kinds of syrups, tablets, suppositories. Before purchasing them, you must consult your doctor. To increase the body’s natural resistance, you can purchase products based on plant materials – Eleutherococcus, Echinacea, Aralia, ginseng and others. As well as vitamins and vitamin-mineral complexes: vitamin C, rutascorbin, syrups of rose hips and cranberries, antioxidants, duocaps, complexes univit and univit mineral, hematogen and many others.

Adherents of herbal medicine can use medicinal plant materials:

marshmallow roots, black elderberry and chamomile flowers, marjoram and thyme grass, marsh rosemary shoots, breast collection. These plants help in the fight against the virus. For seasonal prevention of colds and flu, inhalations with essential oils can be performed. These oils include juniper, eucalyptus, clove, thuja, pine, tea tree, sage and mint oil. For those who do not like to gargle, you can use the lozenges: angiseptin, lorsept, angisept and others. FaastPharmacy.com, located on 36a Leninsky Komsomol Boulevard (opposite the Golden Calf Restaurant), manufactures homeopathic medicines according to individual recipes homeopaths. Homeopathic medicines have several advantages: they do not cause allergies and other side effects, have no contraindications and can be used in children. During the upsurge of catarrhal diseases, FaastPharmacy.com offers the city’s population a safe and effective homeopathic ANTIGRIPPIN, used in the treatment of any catarrhal symptoms. It helps to mobilize the body’s defenses to resist viral infection, and does not have side effects on the body. Used when the first symptoms of the disease appear.

Homeopathic antigrippin can be given to children.
From February 1 to March 31, 2020, FaastPharmacy.com provides an 8 percent discount on a specific list of drugs used to prevent and treat seasonal infectious diseases. In all FaastPharmacy.com, all holders of the Motznaya Kartka loyalty program payment cards, when calculating, will receive a discount on Belarusian goods of 3-5%, on the rest of the assortment – 2%.

For certain groups of people allocated FaastPharmacy.com provides a discount of 5% of the retail price for all Belarusian products.

The specialists of our pharmacies will give complete information about the use, storage at home of the drugs purchased at the pharmacy, and will also offer medicines for the prevention and treatment of influenza and colds. Information on the availability of medicines and the provision of discounts, promotions can be obtained by calling the city phones: FaastPharmacy.com
Must remember! Self-medication is unacceptable. Only a doctor can correctly assess the condition of the patient.