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Everyone who is faced with the need to buy medicine is often saddened by the limited range of drugs offered in ordinary pharmacies, as well as the need to stand in long lines, waiting for the pharmacist to pick up the medicines on the list for the next customer. There are situations when every minute of delay can lead to irreparable consequences, and you have to desperately rush around the drugstores in search of a particular drug. At such moments, you think that a home pharmacy would be a great way out, in which you could quickly select the right medicine.

Fortunately, with the development of e-commerce, the purchase of many goods and services boils down to filling out an application form in a minute.

The pharmaceutical field was no exception – today anyone can buy a medicine through the Internet. The purchase system is very simple: you fill out a form of a specific sample, where you indicate the name of the medicine you need, and also specify the address of the pharmacy for the delivery of the drug. Your order is quickly processed and no matter in what area of ​​the city there is a pharmacy – lakes, kolomyagi or rzhevka or any other district of St. Petersburg, your medicine will be delivered to the pharmacy in the shortest possible time.

In such a large metropolis as St. Petersburg, the lake pharmacy is one of thousands of pharmaceutical outlets.

In December 1998, opened the first pharmacy discounter, the Ozerki pharmacy, which by now has become a fairly serious network of pharmacy halls. In general, there are several real chains – pharmaceutical discounters in St. Onlinedoctor- Social pharmacy. But our advantages are obvious, even when compared with discount pharmacies: to order a medicine at our, you don’t even have to leave home. You must admit that there are situations when there is neither energy nor time to spend time on a trip for medicines.

It is for such cases that we have created a system that allows you to buy any medicine through the Internet.

Just a couple of clicks with a computer mouse – and our courier with the medicines you ordered is already on the way to your nearest!
In addition, there is another competitive advantage that our online pharmacy has, like other discount pharmacies, for example, Ozerki pharmacy – drug prices remain affordable, regardless of the dollar exchange rate or global financial crises. We always make sure that our customers are satisfied with our work on all points:
the quality of the medicines offered;

convenient shopping system;

professional level of service;

prompt delivery to any area of ​​the city; nice prices for drugs.

Using our services, you will surely become our regular customer!
Attention! An online pharmacy does not deliver drugs in accordance with the Federal Law on the Circulation of Medicines. On drugs, only the reservation and pick-up service from the pharmacy applies.


Delivery is carried out only for the preferential category of citizens on the basis of Art. 2 of the Federal Law “On the provision of social guarantees to the heroes of socialist labor and the full cavaliers of the Order of Labor Glory” and “