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This service is designed to quickly search for medicines, medical supplies, medical cosmetics and other products available in the pharmacy network.

With this system, you can order the goods you need at a pharmacy that has the most convenient location and at a lower price than what is available to you at the retail network.
Realization of goods with the help of this service is carried out on condition of independent export, as for today it is the only possible variant of delivery of drugs authorized by the legislation of America.


To order goods in our system, you need:
Enter the name of the drug or part of it in the search bar. After selecting the required drug, click the button “” – a list of pharmacies in which and at what price this product is available will appear. Clicking on the pharmacy address will open a map showing the location of the pharmacy. Clicking on the pharmacy label will show the work schedule and her phone. After selecting a pharmacy, enter the required quantity of goods, pressing plus to increase it and minus – to decrease accordingly.

Click on the basket image to add the selected item.

After you have added an item to your order, you can continue to select the item by clicking on the “” button that will appear at the bottom of the screen. Information about the quantity of goods and the amount already in the order will be displayed in the upper right corner. Choosing and adding another item to your order will change the number of items and the total order amount. Clicking on the “” button will open a page with a list of items you can edit – change quantity, delete items. If the selected drugs are in different pharmacies, you will be offered the shortest route. You can see it by clicking on the button “” – a map will open, which will mark the necessary pharmacies and the route to them. After you click the “Submit Order” button, the order form will be opened and your contact information – name, telephone number, e-mail address and additional information, if necessary – will be entered. After filling in all the required fields and clicking the “Submit Order” button, a window will open with your order number.
We draw your attention. Please write down this code as it will need to be reported to the pharmacy staff at which you will receive your order. Without this number it is impossible to get an order.

Within 40 minutes you will receive an SMS message stating that it is ready.

If you do not receive an SMS within this time, you can clarify the status of your order by calling: help: (call payment according to your carrier’s tariffs) Hotline: (calls within America – free of charge)
You can get your order at your selected pharmacy within 48 hours of confirming your order.
The administration reserves the right to increase the time to process the online order.

Enjoy your shopping and be healthy!

If you have not received an SMS notification of your order readiness within an hour of placing your order, you can get information on the status of the order by phone. Help: (Payment for a call at your carrier’s rates) Hotline: (Calls within America – Free of charge)